How to Pasaload in Smart or TNT (Share a Load or Promo)

How to Pasaload in Smart or TNT (Share a Load or Promo)

Smart Pasaload service lets Smart/TNT subscribers transfer their prepaid load, call, text and data promos to other Smart and Talk 'N Text customers. Pasaload is a very convenient way in reloading your account when you ran out of load and Smart retailer or loading station is not available. After you've been pasaloaded, you can register to affordable Smart and TNT Promos to enjoy variety of call, text and surf packages.

Smart allows you to share a load for as low as 2 Pesos to your friends and loved ones. To start sharing a load from one number to another number, be sure you have enough prepaid load balance, then follow the Smart pasaload tutorial below.

How to Pasaload in Smart or TNT

Before we go to the pasaload procedure, it's good to know some information about Smart Pasaload.

Pasaload Denominations - Validity
P2 - 3 days
P5 - 3 days
P10 - 3 days
P15 - 15 days
P20 - 15 days
P30 - 15 days
P60 - 30 days
P100 - 30 days
P200 - 60 days

*Pasaload is available to Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro and Talk 'N Text subscribers.
*The amount of load transferred plus a P1.00 transaction fee will be deducted from the sender’s personal balance.
*Upon doing pasaload, you will get a validation message from 808. Just reply "YES" if you wish to proceed with your pasaload transaction. You only have 15 minutes to reply. After which the transaction will be cancelled.

Pasaload via Text/SMS

Just follow this SMS format to perform pasaload: Text 11-digit cellphone number of recipient<space>amount and send to 808.
Example: 09191234567 10 and send to 808

With Pasaload Plus, you can also transfer different kinds of packages, from text promos to internet promos.

To send promo, just text 11-digit cellphone number of recipient<space>promo keyword and send to 808
Example: 09191234567 AT10 to 808

Here is the list of promo keywords that can be sent:

Text and Internet Data Promos

All Text 10
Unli SMS to all networks + Unli Facebook, FB Messenger & Viber, valid for 1 day.
Price: P10
Keyword: AT10
Allowed Recipient: Smart Prepaid, TNT

All Text 20
Unli allnet texts + 20mins call to Smart/TNT/Sun + 150MB data + 100MB of Free Facebook, valid for 1 day.
Price: P20
Keyword: AT20
Allowed Recipient: Smart Prepaid, TNT

All Text 30
Unli allnet texts + 30mins call to Smart/TNT/Sun + 300MB data, 100MB/day of Free Facebook, valid for 2 days.
Price: P30
Keyword: AT30
Allowed Recipient: Smart Prepaid

All Text 60
Unli text to all networks, 60 min calls to SMART/TNT/SUN + 100MB/day of Free Facebook, FB Messenger and Viber, valid for 5 days.
Price: P60
Keyword: AT60
Allowed Recipient: Smart Prepaid

All In 99
Unli text to all networks, 100 mins of calls to Smart/TNT/SUN & 1GB mobile data + Free Facebook and Messenger (100MB/day), valid for 7 days.
Price: P99
Keyword: ALLIN99
Allowed Recipient: Smart Prepaid

Lahatxt 30
300 texts to all networks + 20mins calls to Smart/TNT + 100MB/day of Free Facebook, FB Messenger and Viber, valid for 2 days.
Price: P30
Keyword: L30
Allowed Recipient: Smart Prepaid

All In 25
Unli text to all networks, 60 mins of calls to Smart/TNT/Sun & 10MB, valid for 1 day.
Price: P25
Keyword: ALLIN25
Allowed Recipient: Smart Prepaid

Unlimited texts to all networks valid for 1 day.
Price: P10
Keyword: GT10
Allowed Recipient: TNT

200 texts to SMART/TNT valid for 2 days.
Price: P15
Keyword: STEX15
Allowed Recipient: TNT

Gaan UnliTxt Plus15
Unli texts to all networks. 60 minutes of call to TNT/Smart/Sun, 100 MB data for Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Clash of Clans, and Dubsmash access, valid for 1 day.
Price: P15
Keyword: GU15
Allowed Recipient: TNT

Using PLDT myHome account, you can also pasaload to any Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro and TNT subscribers.

To send Pasaload, subscriber must log in using his/her myHome account and select the denomination of choice.


P60 (valid for 30 days)
P100 (valid for 30 days)
P200 (valid for 60 days)

Other PASASUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES included are the following: (for Smart Prepaid) UCT50, UCT100, GIGA50, BIG70, GIGA99, SAKTODATA30, SAKTODATA99; (for Smart Bro) GIGA50, GIGA99, SURFMAX50, SURFMAX85, SURFMAX250, BIG70; (for TNT) UA60, UA30 and BIG50.

Pasaload via Smart/TNT SIM Menu

To access Smart or TNT SIM Menu, just open your phone apps then find the SIM card icon or the app entitled SIM Toolkit. The PasaLoad menu position may vary for old and new sims, just try to find PasaLoad, it's usually on main interface.

After opening PasaLoad menu, choose between the two options: Pbook Lookup (Phonebook Lookup) or Mobile Number (manually enter the mobile number of recipient). Then Select 'OK' when pasaload denomination message occurs, then choose Amount and wait for confirmation message.

See also:
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TNT Pasadata - Share Data MB to TNT and Smart subscriber

If there's no friend or family currently with you to do a pasaload, you can borrow load from Smart. After you've borrowed load from Smart, you can now text your friend or family to pasaload you.

To get help on your concern for Smart and Talk 'N Text Pasaload service, you can contact their Customer Service Hotline, just dial *888 and follow the voice instruction to call a customer service representative.

To share your experience with this Smart Pasaload service, you can leave your comment below.


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PinoyTechSaga | Philippines Tech News and Game Reviews Blog: How to Pasaload in Smart or TNT (Share a Load or Promo)
How to Pasaload in Smart or TNT (Share a Load or Promo)
See how to pasaload in Smart or TNT. Smart Pasaload lets you transfer prepaid load, call, text and data promos to other Smart and Talk 'N Text customers.
PinoyTechSaga | Philippines Tech News and Game Reviews Blog
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