Different Types of Pro LoL Players in Philippines *For Fun Only*

Different Types of Pro LoL Players in Philippines *For Fun Only*
Many players in League of Legends Philippines had created some lingos or terms to describe traits or gameplay of players who thinks they are performing well but they are not, and these terms were insipired by real professional LoL players then they changed them in colloquial term to identify these underperforming players, and that's for fun only. BronzeJukesPH, a popular LoL fan-based Facebook page in the Philippines, created a list of "Iba't Ibang Uri Ng Mga Pro Players Sa Pinas" (translated: "Different Types of Pro Players in the Philippines").

Here are the Different Types of Pro LoL Players in Philippines *For Fun Only*

1. ArKaBATA - based from 'ArKaDaTa', a professional LoL player from League of Legends Europe West (EUW) server. He's known for using Yasuo as his main champion and he releases his videos on YouTube usually with term "THE UNFORGIVEN" appended on videos names.


ArKaBATA in LoL PH refers to players that are well known for locking-in Yasuo. When they were suffering, they will point out the jungler all the blame. They will chat "Watch and Learn" on Champ Select. They tend to move quickly by pressing "E" (third skill of Yasuo - Sweeping Blade) on CS (creeps or minions) until they reach the tower of enemy. When they spent waves, they will release their badge. When they suffer, they will say its preconceived or planned.

2. It's an inappropriate word, just read it on the image - based from 'Faker', Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, known as the 'god of LoL'. He plays as a mid laner of SKT T1 (SK Telecom T1), a professional South Korean LoL team. He has an ID named Hide on bush in League of Legends South Korea. They won 2 consecutive 1st place on World Championship, 2015 and 2016. Popularized Riven, Zilean and Xerath being played in the mid lane. He is also well known for using LeBlanc, Ryze and Zed.

Faker LoL

Fakers in LoL PH refers to players that doesn't hesitate to autolock Zed even if there's 3 tank on their enemy team and their team doesn't have AP (Ability Power Champion). They are also the ones who immediately tilt (when you're angry or frustrated to the degree that it's badly affecting your performance, and you're probably blaming it on everyone but yourself) and rage when they can't burst in the clash.

3. xPepe - based from 'xPeke', he's a professional LoL Player from League of Legends Europe West (EUW) and currently playing as mid laner of Origen, a Spanish League of Legends team, founded by him, Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez. Because of his Kassadin backdoor at IEM Katowice many players yell "xPeke!" if a nexus is backdoored.

xPepe xPeke LOL

xPepe in LoL PH refers to players when Nexus only left in the enemy team, they will wait for the enemy team to respawn, and they will chat "xpeke". The Ending of the game was then reversed by the enemy team (the enemy team won or in short 'backdoored').

4. Bobo Kush - based from 'Bubba Kush', a casual player on League of Legends Oceanic (OCE) server, usually playing unranked (Normal games) and is known for doing Lee Sin montages.

Bobo Kush Bubba Kush LOL

Bobo Kush in LoL PH refers to players that plays Lee Sin and they seldomly hit enemy with their Q (first skill of Lee Sin - Sonic Wave, toggles to Resonating Strike). Their ward hop is delayed because : Wards > Idle > W (2nd skill of Lee Sin -Safeguard, toggles to Iron Will). They tend to create a play, a type of kicking enemy to the ally team even if its a tank. Just to say that he had done a "Highlight".

5. Sadlife - based from 'MadLife', Hong "MadLife" Min-gi, a professional South Korean LoL player with a Support position in Gold Coin United, an American LoL team. MadLife Is well known for being one of the top skill shot based support players in the world. His excellence on Blitzcrank and Thresh is put down to brilliant micromanagement skills.

Sadlife Madlife LOL

Sadlife in LoL PH refers to a situation that it's a sadlife because he's your teammate (usually plays Tresh). He always reveals his badge in lane but his hook always missed, if he successfully hooks, he immediately dash to the enemy, he will leave a lantern so that he will die with a companion.

5. Tobobito - based from 'Tobito / Tobias Fate', a LoL player from League of Legends North America. He is well known for using Gangplank and doing the INSANE Barrel Combo.

tobobito tobito LOL

Tobobito in LoL PH refers to players (plays Gangplank) that are kind to enemies, they gave a lot of 10 Gold to enemies because they can't shot the barrels. Their ultimate is just waiting for last hit. And he will never join the team until he can't upgrade his ultimate to the second upgrade.

6. Cowshet - based from 'Cowsep', Joseph "Cowsep" Hursey, is a high elo player from League of Legends North America. Popularized jungle + TP on Master Yi and is well known for utilizing Master Yi's Alpha Strike to dodge champion abilities and turret shots and using Master Yi's Meditate effectively to reduce champion abilities's damage (ex. Riven's Wind Slash). His runes are full attack speed (41.4%). He is one of the best Master Yi 's in the world.

Cowshet Cowsep LOL

Cowshet in LoL PH refers to players that plays Master Yi that even they are suffering, they are using alpha again and again to the enemies, and then took all the blame to the allies. They are also the ones who like to play solo and they feel that they can 1v1 all.

7. Ngosu - based from 'Gosu or hi im gosu', a LoL player from League of Legends North America and is well known for playing Vayne.

Ngosu Gosu LOL

Ngosu in LoL PH refers to a player that forced to play Vayne even he knows that he's on disadvantage and wretched in his laning phase as well as on teamfight.

8. Bo(x)bo(x) - based from 'Boxbox', Albert "잘 못" Zheng, a high elo player from League of Legends North America who previously played as Top laner for Velocity eSports in 2013. 잘못 is also called "BoxBox" because the symbols (Korean characters) are shown as boxes in League of Legends. 잘못 means 'Mistake' in Korean. He is well known for using Riven.

boxbox riven LOL

Bo(x)bo(x) in LoL PH refers to players (usually plays Riven) that are unshaken with their matchup in lane (top). And then, when they're on disadvantage on their lane, they will ask for a camp (help) with the jungler even there's a prior DR (Dragon) and the bottom lane is also on disadvantage. Just for them to recover.

And that's the 8 different types of players in League of Legends Philippines (Garena). Just a reminder, it's better to avoid these type of traits/gameplay in playing League of Legends to also avoid being reported by other players and also do not use any LoL hacks, mod skin or third party application prohibited by Garena or else you will receive a ban notice, just like the image below.



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PinoyTechSaga | Philippines Tech News and Game Reviews Blog: Different Types of Pro LoL Players in Philippines *For Fun Only*
Different Types of Pro LoL Players in Philippines *For Fun Only*
Here are the Different Types of Pro LoL Players in League of Legends Philippines:ArKaBATA, Faker, xPeke, Bobo Kush, Sadlife, Tobobito, Cowsep, Ngosu and Boxbox.
PinoyTechSaga | Philippines Tech News and Game Reviews Blog
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